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About Your Financial Coach

Hi I'm Karen

Karen Headshot.jpg

Hi, my name is Karen Skelton and I am a financial coach.  I am the owner of Peaceful Life Financial Coaching. I guide individuals and families in paying off debt, saving money and building future wealth using the principles and steps taught by the team at Ramsey Solutions. 

I worked for 28 years as a Social Worker with the state of SC. I learned about the importance of listening and guiding individuals and families in their struggles with the goal of a successful resolution. I have also mentored single parents who had financial struggles in providing for their families.  I chose to become a financial coach to empower individuals and families to excel financially, professionally and personally.

My goal is to instill hope by helping individuals and families make wise financial decisions. I focus on listening to people and building trust as they seek resolution in their finances. I encourage people to consider financial goals as well as future dreams that can be achieved with financial freedom. 

Who I Help

Anyone that would like to learn how to become financially free. Pay off debt, invest and save their money to take control of their finances.

How I Do It

Through the teachings of Dave Ramsey, I guide clients to positive money management. I assist clients into investing in their future. Empowering them to have hope in achieving their financial goals.

What's in It for You

Financial freedom and the confidence to tackle your finances. Pay off debt, save money, and build wealth. It will change your life! 

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